About Kraftig Consultant Co.,Ltd.

KRAFTIG, an Engineering and Architect Consulting Company, was Established in 1995 by a group of professional engineers, architects and planners.
The company provides a wide range fields of civil and architect such as Office Buildings, Factories, Cold Storage, etc.
KRAFTIG has furnished comprehensive technical service ranging from Architectural and Structural design, project planning and feasibility study, construction supervision and management, drainage system, sanitary engineering, and other fields related to public and private sectors.
In recent years, KRAFTIG has carried out number of projects for government and public agencies, Industrial, Commercial and other private enterprises.
As a consulting company, KRAFTIG has experienced personal and specialized in analyses and solve the structural problems especially new and existing joined structure, architect and interior design.
This background has made it possible for KRAFTIG to incorporate into comprehensive and practical designs which are needed by customers.

Company Organization Chart

Kraftig Consultant Co., Ltd. consists of professional engineers and architects representing combination of multidisciplinary engineers, architects and planning expertise with professional experience distributed over and wide range of public and private activities.